Product name: ZH2050 / F
The product model: ZH2000 / F
Update time: 2010.12.03
Product units: chengdu the hetian valve manufacturing Co., LTD


Using reliable instantaneous electromagnetic force and permanent magnetic and spring interaction, through the high efficiency of the magnetic circuit design and strict processing technology, realizing pulse drive since keep closing valves and manual blow-off since keep function, ensure reliability of the product.
Close valve driving principle: pulse drive closing valves.


Encapsulation explosion-proof: eradicate the root sparks produced, packed in gas pipeline no safe hidden trouble, won't be detonated source
Open valve way: manual reset, open valve must to the scene and manual operation, conform to the fuel gas accident treatment characteristics
Closing valves way: pulse driver
Closing valves speed: 1 seconds can be cut off the air supply
Close valve control: low energy consumption instantaneous drive, support fire for electricity work methods and meet fire codes (and controller are supporting)
Signal output: in two root valves closed on line, can output the valve switch state feedback characteristic signal
Keep way: since keep on/off state, don't consume electricity
Reliable seal: structural use multilevel seal measures, the processing precision, ensures tight and safety; Material use special NBR/FKM rubber
Reliable: actuators switch 2 million trouble-free

Installation requirements

Before installation should read product manual carefully and relevant technical information.
Valves are installed unit should have the corresponding qualifications and according to related gas pipeline construction standard, explosion-proof electric norms and manufacturer requires installation.
Gas specification requirements shall establish emergency cut-off valve before manual cut-off valve.
Should press the location requirements and body marked airflow direction installation.
Should first will sweep clean pipe, then install solenoid valves, lest purging impurities in the valve damage when tube sealing material, affect the tightness.
Valve electrify carefully before check, forbidden wrong connections. Add wrong voltage, lest damage solenoid valves.
For pipeline leak testing, must first open the valve.
The valve should be installed in the outside, supporting installation rainproof, snow cover, and should establish such inform the user: should make jammers maintenance and management for valve bringing shields, and shall not dust-proof waterproof damages and losses, lest affect the product's reliability.
Open valve handles shall first optimum force, wait for a short tiras pressure balance valve import and export, and then tilak successfully to the open position, speed shoulds not be too fast start tiras, lest open difficulties or damage the handle.
Open valve restore gas supply, must first before via professional personnel security to ensure there is no safe hidden trouble, and then artificially open.
Strong harmful vibrations valve shut down automatically normal situation. If the valve fails to normal remain open state, notifies maintenance.

Connect line

First of all, according to the actual wiring length and control the total pressure drop not less than 20% of the requirements, rated voltage calculation and select cable diameter. Line for red is, black polar bear, the valve control explosion-proof winding hose cabin by introducing explosion-proof junction box and reliable pressure up in terminal, external control cable should be adopted, the introduction of explosion-proof junction box steel pipe laying, and in the correct polarity reliable pressure up in the corresponding terminal, junction box and steel pipe should be conduction grounded.

Special remind

Used to control ZH2000 series (debid) valve equipment manufacturers, shall be surrendered to the company demand relevant technical data, and according to related instructions, provide the correct closing valves driven control signal and wiring, lest affect valve normal use or damaging the valve.

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