Product Applied Fields

銆銆 LKT fast-opening blind board is widely applied in the fields of natural gas, chemical industry and medicine pharmaceutics on pressure vessel equipments that need to be aperiodically started and stopped, including filter ,filter sepqrator and ball launchers receivers.

  Main parts
  1. HUB
  2. Door Cover
  3. Lock Ring
  4. Sealing Ring
  5. Locking Mechanism
  6. Opening Mechanism
  7. Safety Device
  8. Safety Interlocking Arrangement
  Product Featrues
  1. Fully in compliance with GB standard: strictly follow GB regulations such as Supervision on Safety Technology for Pressure Vessel and GB150 Steel Pressure Vessel in product design, calculation , material selection and manufacture. Also can be designed and produced with ASME 鈪 div.1銆
  2. Easy and fast opening the door can be opened by one person within one minute regeardless of size and without any special tools, which realizes the actual concept of 鈥渄oor鈥.
  3. Unique sealing structure: with the feature of lip type and self-tight sealing, the sealing ring can be easily installed in doors or hubbed groove without an special tools, and well protected despite of defferent conditions. The sealing ring is pressed iin molds without ocnnection points and ensures zero leaks under high, medium and low pressure
  4. Long service-life of sealing ring: the sealing ring is made of fluorubber, with temperature range for application of -50~200鈩. Under condition of general medium, the sealing ring can be served for more than 2 years.
  5. Originally designed lock ring structure: As the tey part of connecting door cover and hub, lock ring clings to the groove bottom of door cover when tight-ened and entered the hub when lossened whil keeping round all the time to enable the ring to bear equal force and to achieve smooth operation.

Multi safety design: The product is equipped with safety device composed of insrt block and alarm screw and safety interlocking arrangement connected to the devic. Prior to ventilation of equipment, firstly lock door cover to the hub and put it in place well, lossen lock ring and put insert block into the gap between door cover and lock ring, tighten alarm screw and then ventilate the equipment. When pressure int the equipment increases to around 10 Kpa, the lock core of inter-locking arrangement automatically protrudes into the groove of alarm screw and locks alarm screw and insert block so that door cover cannot be opened. If alarm screw is not tightened as required, howling sound occurs during ventilation so as to remaind the iperator to recheck before ventilation.
Before opening door cover, when pressure in the equipment is reduced and lower than 10Kpa ,the lock core of interlicking arrangement automatically drop out. When gas int the equipment is completely released and the pressure reches 0, door cover can be opened only when alarm screw and insert block are taken and lock ring is tightened.
On condition that excess pressure is reserved in the equipment after lock core of inierlocking arrangement drops out, howling sound will occur when lossening alarm screw so as to remind the operator to completely release the gas before opening door cover.
LKT fast-opening blind board adopts rigid adjustable opening mechanism, which allows customers to choose opening derections and makes the overall arrangement more compact.

  Product Charactristics
  1. Preduct Types: 12篓,14篓,16篓,18篓,20篓,24篓,28篓,32篓,36篓,40篓,48篓
  2. Pressure Classes:150,300,400,600,900
  3. Structure Types: Horizontal and Vertical
  4. Opening method: Open on the left or open on the right.
  5. Connection: Different butt groove types are designed according to GB150 for different speciffications and pressure classes to meet customers鈥 demands, which can also be processed according to customers鈥 requirements.

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