Natural gas pipe network stations of complete sets of equipment

Natural gas pipe network stations of complete sets of equipment

銆銆 The natural gas city gate, the high/medium pressure regulating station and the pressure-regulating station for industrial user are the gas receiving, pretreatment, regulating and metering devices set between natural gas long distance pipeline and city gas distribution system or before large industry gas equipment (e.g. power plant).These series are specifically designed as the regulating devices for receiving natural gas from long distance pipeline, which integrated with many function such as PIG launcher, filter, metering, gas heating, regulating, odorizing and station control. It is highly accurate, reasonably structured and easy to install and maintain.

  Functional characteristics Main parameters
  1. Optimized design with indirect action type regulator. Parallel/ series connection regulating form assures the stability and reliability of the system along with high response speed.
  2. Usually have a structure of one open line, one standby line and one bypass line (parallel connection of multi-line structure is adopted for large flow rate). Relief and isolation devices are installed for each line. Functional module such as station control, remote control, odorizing and distant adjustment can be integrated in the stations.
  3. All regulating devices designs are in accordance with the standards EN334: "Gas pressure regulators for inlet pressures up to 100bar" and GB50028: "Code for design of city gas engineering".
  Main parameters
  1. Environment temperature: -10~60鈩
  2. Working medium: Natural gas
  3. Inlet pressure: 10.0MPa
  4. Outlet pressure: According to customers鈥
  5. requirements
  6. Inlet temperature range: -10~40鈩
  7. Outlet gas temperature: 鈮 5鈩
  Main parameters
Natural gas pipe network stations of complete sets of equipment
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