Cyclone Separator General Description

銆銆 Cyclone separators are used to remove liquid and solid impurity substance in fuel gas or other non corrosive gases. Our company offers two kinds of separators which are cylone separator and cyloine filter separator that can remove liquid and solid impruity substance with different sizes even minimal size of dust or mist.

  Technical Parameter Feature
  1. Design standard: GB150-1998 or ASME 鈪 div.1
  2. High filter separating efficiency
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Flange connection: HG or ANSI B16.5

Shell: Q345R銆丄STM A516
Flange: 16Mn II銆丄STM A105銆丄STM A350

Drain valve, Pressure gauge, Level gauge, Level switcher

  General Parameter
  1. Maximum working pressure: 1.6Mpa, 2.5 Mpa, 4.0 Mpa, 6.4 Mpa, 8.5 Mpa
  2. Designing temperature: 60鈩
  3. Working temperature: -10~60鈩
  4. Cyclone separeting accuracy: 10渭
  5. Cyclone separeting efficiency: 鈮99.9%
  6. Maximum flowing rate: 1000,000Nm3/h
  Cyclon pipe and cyclone separator

Cyclone pipe is made based on the centrifuge principle. Gas to be filtered flows into the inlet pipe and forms into the cyclone flowing style. Due to the density differences among liquid and solid and strong centrifuge separating influence, solid impurity substance fall down to the bottom side meanwhile cleaned gas glow up away. The number or the cyclone pipes is up to the actral gas flowing volume and pressure loss allowed.

Cyclone separator can remove liquid and solid impurity substance in an effective way meanwhile a big pressure loss accompanied.


  Cyclone Filter Separator

Due to the working principle, cyclone separators are usually made in vertical style. They are widely used in the occasions where amounts of liquid and solid impurity substances esist. Two steps of filter separating process for cyclone Filter Separator:
Step 1: Cyclone pipes for removing impurity substances with big size
Step 2: Cartridge combination for better filtering result.
Cyclone cartridge filtr separator has a 100% working efficiency for dry solid impurity substances over 3渭 and 99.5% working efficiency for dry solid impurity substance with 0.5~3渭 Low efficiency in separating liquid impurity substances but enough for usual using and has a lowest price to maintain.

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