CLRX Series Gas Pressure Regulator Station


2 Application
CLRX series gas pressure regulator station is applied to the branch stations of long-distance transmission pipeline for gas, used in the downstream of the first-station or the up-stream of the city middle-pressure pipe network, and served as regulator for the city gate station, gas distribution station or industrial and mining enterprises. It is applicable for natural gas, artificial coal gas and liquefied petroleum gas锛圠PG锛
CLRX series gas pressure regulator station usually uses the structure of skid-mounted or chest-type.
It accords with the standard CJ274-2008 鈥淐ity Gas Pressure Regulators鈥.


2 Features
鈽 Pressure Precision Grade: AC5
鈽 Pressure Regulation: Double-channel, three-channel, or multi-channel according to the requirement
鈽 Safety Measurement: overpressure cut-off, safety divergence
鈽 Metrical Equipment: Turbine flow meter or other metrical equipment according to the requirement
鈽 Dust Collecting Equipment: Cyclone collector or separator according to the requirement
鈽 Purifying Equipment: Optional filter and stainless steel mesh of different precision parameters, and they are 10渭m, 20渭m, 50渭m, 100渭m
鈽 Hand Valve: Ball valve or butterfly valve
鈽 Control Valve: Electric-driven or gas-driven valve according to the requirement
鈽 Heating Device: Electric heating or vapor heating according to the requirement
鈽 Odorizing Device: According to the requirement

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