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Europe may face greater pressure of natural gas shortage caused by cold weather

 On November 15, the Irish observer and Reuters reported that Europe will usher in the first cold wave of this winter, and Europe's energy supply may face greater pressure. The article points out that from this week, the temperature in Europe will drop. According to a weather company, some parts of Italy will be 2 degrees Celsius lower than the normal temperature. Southern France, Spain and Germany will also be colder than usual. Centrica, Britain's largest energy supplier, warned its 9 million customers to prepare for a freezing storm that could last six weeks. Natural gas prices rose for the second consecutive week after soaring to a record high in October. Benchmark natural gas prices are still nearly four times higher than normal at this time of year, leading to a sharp surge in electricity and European emission permits. Dutch gas futures, the European benchmark, rose 1.4% this week after rising 14% last week. So far, the additional supply of natural gas promised by Russia has been negligible, while Norway's supply has been reduced due to heavy maintenance work. The rising demand for heating may increase the demand for natural gas, which will test the energy supply capacity of the whole Europe.

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