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China Gas Information

The Central Asian natural gas pipeline transported more than 4.67 million tons of gas to China in th


The Central Asia natural gas pipeline is the first cross-border energy channel of natural gas introduced by land in China. It starts from the border between Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan in the west, crosses central Uzbekistan and southern Kazakhstan, and enters through Horgos port in Xinjiang, China. At present, the three ABC lines have been built in parallel. After entering, it is connected with the second and third lines of West to east gas transmission through Horgos compressor station, It is currently the largest natural gas pipeline in China. In 2021, the Central Asian natural gas pipeline transported 31.733 million tons of gas to China, a year-on-year increase of 12%.

Zurmilanmu abdumigiti, the host of the fourth level of the fourth section of Horgos customs supervision, said: "our customs has deepened the inspection and supervision mode of" process inspection + conformity assurance + conformity evaluation "to ensure that the quality of natural gas meets the requirements; Actively connect with service enterprises, give priority to handling the customs clearance procedures of imported natural gas, adopt the regular verification and measurement system, and implement the joint supervision of China Kazakhstan customs in the form of "on-site + Remote Video + detection report", so as to ensure the safety and smoothness of the national energy channel. "
Since the Central Asia pipeline natural gas was officially put into operation in December 2009, the Central Asia natural gas pipeline has operated safely and stably for 12 years, and has been transported to more than 20 provinces, regions and cities in China, including "Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen", benefiting more than 500 million people along the line.
Source: zero distance in Horgos
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