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Successful ignition of ultra-high pressure gas boiler in Guangdong petrochemical power center

 At 11:56 on April 26, after intense construction and commissioning preparations, the construction of PetroChina Guangdong petrochemical company ushered in the first important node of the whole project's commissioning. With the successful ignition of the ultra-high pressure gas boiler in the power center, the steam system of Guangdong petrochemical company is officially ready for operation, which indicates that the project is about to enter a new stage of comprehensive pipeline purging.

Guangdong petrochemical power center is the core of steam supply for the whole plant. While undertaking the steam balance of the whole plant, it also provides an important guarantee for the steam for pipeline purging and commissioning of the whole project. There are four ultra-high pressure gas boilers in the center, each of which can produce 450 tons of ultra-high pressure steam per hour. It can produce high, medium and low pressure steam by cooling, depressurizing and driving steam turbine, and has power generation capacity. Among them, high-pressure steam is the steam driving power of quench oil pump, refrigerator and multiple compressors; Medium pressure steam is used for heat tracing and pipeline purging; Medium and low pressure steam is used as the heat source of reboiler and heat exchanger to provide power guarantee for the unit.
As the premise of unit commissioning, the completion and operation of steam system without any support is a very complex system engineering, especially the supporting projects such as desalted water, flare line, substation and natural gas pipeline restrict each other, the overall coordination is extremely difficult, and the project is always under great pressure to be put into operation on schedule.
Therefore, Guangdong petrochemical company put forward the overall deployment of "123456", took boiler ignition as the top priority of focusing on the "four nodes", organized and established a professional team to optimize the construction arrangement and overall progress. During the Spring Festival, cadres and employees stick to the site, arrange the construction period backwards, and make every effort to ensure safety, quality and progress. On February 14, the supporting 10kV substation was put into operation. On February 21, the water production of demineralized water system was qualified; At the end of February, the elevated torch also completed all construction tasks 33 days in advance; On April 24, natural gas entered the plant smoothly, and all supporting projects were completed synchronously at an acceleration exceeding the conventional acceleration.
In the critical period of boiler ignition, Party members and cadres of Guangdong petrochemical took the lead in catering and living in the front line, organized nearly 900 on-site personnel to watch the post in turn, implemented the equipment commissioning scheme, pipeline flushing scheme, established the system blind plate table, the contact list of equipment power shutdown and transmission, and comprehensively coordinated the orderly operation and cooperation of each unit of the public system, so as to ensure the smooth completion of the ignition task.
It is reported that the realization of "4.26" boiler ignition is an important measure for all project builders of Guangdong petrochemical to implement the spirit of chairman Dai Houliang's video survey instructions, and opens a new prelude to the completion and operation of Guangdong petrochemical's decisive project. Guangdong petrochemical will anchor the predetermined goal, work hard and persevere, and comprehensively promote the project construction to make new progress.
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