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China Gas Information

To ensure the safe and stable supply of natural gas, China will accelerate the construction of gas s

 In order to ensure the safe and stable supply of energy, China is accelerating the construction of natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing system and gas storage infrastructure. On May 17, six 270000 m3 LNG storage tanks of CNOOC Yancheng LNG project were hoisted, and the pressure of 270000 m3 LNG storage tanks in Sinopec Qingdao LNG terminal was raised. After the project is put into operation, it will add strength to the safe and stable supply of natural gas. On May 17, six liquefied natural gas storage tanks with the largest single tank capacity of 270000 cubic meters designed and built independently by China completed the hoisting of dome module in "green energy port" of CNOOC Yancheng, which is the largest one-time hoisting operation of dome module in the liquefied natural gas storage tank project under construction in China.

It is reported that the vault is an important component of LNG storage tank, which is equivalent to the "roof beam" of LNG storage tank. The span of a single vault of 270000 m3 storage tank is nearly 100 meters and the weight is more than 800 tons. It is composed of one central ring and 24 large and small vault modules. The vault module is shaped like a "cut watermelon peel", with a maximum span of 46 meters and a single piece weighing 33 tons. "Through precise calculation, simulation deduction and field test, the project team reasonably arranged three groups of 8 lifting points on the surface of each vault module, including upper, middle and lower. Before lifting, the included angle of each group of steel wire rope was kept fixed by adjusting the length of 8 steel wire ropes, so as to ensure that the deformation of vault module was controlled within 5% during lifting and ensure the construction quality." Yuan Bin, deputy general manager of CNOOC Yancheng "green energy port" project, said that the hoisting operation successfully implemented the synchronous hoisting of three tank vault modules for the first time in China. At the same time, the prefabrication of vault module innovates the structural design and construction technology, reduces the workload of welding hot work by nearly 83%, greatly improves the installation efficiency in the tank and reduces the operation risk. It is reported that the "green energy port" of CNOOC Yancheng is a key planning project for the construction and interconnection of national natural gas production, supply, storage and marketing system. A total of 10 large liquefied natural gas tanks have been built, including 4 220000 m3 tanks and 6 270000 m3 tanks. After the completion of the project, it will become the largest liquefied natural gas reserve base in China. The pneumatic jacking operation of China's largest liquefied natural gas storage tank was completed in Qingdao, Shandong. On May 17, the pneumatic jacking operation of 270000 m3 large liquefied natural gas storage tank in Sinopec Qingdao LNG terminal was successful, marking the basic completion of the main structure of the outer tank.
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