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2013 China (shanxi) international coal bed methane development and utilization technology and equipm

 Show the date:The 2013-09-12-2013-09-12


Exhibition city:taiyuan
Show the address:Shanxi museum
Name of the pavilion:Shanxi museum
The organizer:Shanxi coal bed methane industry association
To undertake units:Qi rong (Shanghai) exhibition service co., LTD
Show show
The organizer:
Shanxi coal bed Methane industry association, The CoalBed Methane Indstry AssociationOf Shanxi Provice
Credit units:
Petrochina coalbed methane company blue flame of coalbed methane in shanxi taiyuan gas company group
Shanxi easy high CBM of Chinese coal bed methane in shanxi energy coalbed methane investment in Hong Kong
Coal bed methane in shanxi orchid group praise coalbed jincheng coal group co., LTD
Shanxi energy industry group of shanxi America daning petrochina north China coalbed methane
LuAn mining group sinopec CBM in shanxi coal-bed gas gathering transportation co., LTD
Shanxi coal bed methane in shanxi shanxi chenguang logistics port of China CBM industry research and development center
Britain's rich in oil, rick company shanxi qinshui xinao gas co., LTD
Yangquan coal group cnooc CBM QinShuiXian huakai coalbed methane development co., LTD
China united coalbed methane (CBM) in taiyuan shanxi qinshui coal gasification group shun Thai energy development co., LTD
Asia Pacific oil company shanxi CPC branch constant qinshui coal-bed gas liquefaction, praise of coalbed methane in nanjing
Shanxi coal import and export group, shanxi coal bed methane (natural gas) in the three gorges gas company gathering co., LTD
Organizer: qi rong (Shanghai) exhibition service co., LTD
Show advantages:
Shanxi Province is the enrichment of coalbed methane resources is the most, is the country's most promising base, coalbed methane development and utilization of coalbed methane exploration area, the degree of exploration, has proven reserves of the country are listed in the first place. Province, 2000 meters in shallow coal bed methane resources total 10 trillion cubic meters, or about one third of the country's, almost as much as reserves in the United States. Among them, the coalbed methane resources in qinshui coalfield hedong coalfield and alone accounted for the entire province 93.26% of the total CBM resources, are the two key areas of coalbed methane development and utilization of Shanxi Province.
"Twelfth five-year" development planning of Shanxi Province, and puts forward the planning objectives of "gasification in Shanxi Province". Is expected to supply for gasification resources in Shanxi Province in 2015 to reach 20 billion cubic meters of above, all 119 counties of Shanxi Province will implement gasification, the province will implement a complete coverage of air supply pipe network of cities and counties, to a complete coverage of a town, along the main highways full cover, for a complete coverage of key industrial users and for complete coverage of key scenic spots; Ordinary people will have the condition to use natural gas or coal bed methane, the household, automotive, power generation, heating, industrial use of various aspects, such as gasification conditions for the people; Counties and cities of the province in 11 cities and economic relatively developed will have LPG station, the provincial gas stations network will be basically in place. In order to ensure the smooth completion of "gasification in Shanxi Province" target, in Shanxi Province issued "four spirit" industry investment, fiscal and tax policy, finance, land, etc. For key projects, will take a stake in, discount, etc way to give financial support, both city and county Governments will also be a portion of the funds for construction of key projects in this area. Support for development and utilization of "four spirit", shanxi enterprises through bonds, listed and strive for the international financial organizations loan, etc. A variety of channels to raise funds. At the same time, encourages enterprises to introduce strategic investors, and opening of coalbed methane exploration and development, comprehensive utilization of coke oven gas field, encourage private capital to intervene.
At present, the coal bed methane gas, such as clean energy development in Shanxi Province have listed as one of nine big emerging industries, is one of the pillar industries of the development of the Shanxi Province in the future. Coalbed methane (CBM) in the field of fuel, power generation, automotive, chemical application prospect widely. Provinces have good foundation in coalbed methane development. Coalbed methane (CBM), middle and downstream industry development in architecture has basically taken shape. I save from coalbed methane exploration and development, ground coalbed methane extraction using underground, pipe network construction, LPG stations, coke oven gas separation demonstration project construction, coal seam methane gas efforts to build a demonstration project in six aspects, such as "four spirit" industry development.
◆ The schedule:
Move-in time: September 10 to 11, 2013 (to 17:00pm) opening time: sep 12, 2013 (10:00)
Show time: sep 12-14, 2013 (9:30-17:00) closing time: sep 14, 2013, (soon)
The exhibition content:
A, big enterprise group image galleries: large coalbed methane development, the use of electricity, coalbed development, energy and chemical industry, new energy enterprise new image, new technology, new achievements.
Two, exploration of coal bed methane (coal gas), extraction using the technology and equipment, gas emissions, coal bed methane exploration, geophysical prospecting, well logging, drilling technology and equipment and the ground, underground coal bed methane (gas) extraction technology and equipment, gas drainage pump (pump beam pumping unit + rod or pipe pump, screw pump, DianQianBeng, gas lift jet pump) pipelines and processing equipment, compressors, the gas emission, coal bed methane drilling equipment, CBM truck-mounted rig, development of CBM liquefied technology and equipment, development and production technology and equipment and the concentration of the gas utilization and the mine air waste recycling of CDM method, coal bed methane drilling fracturing technology to increase production equipment.
Three, coal bed methane (coal gas) power generation equipment: gas, generators, generator sets and related accessory products, coal mine gas power station construction technology and equipment, gas safety delivery of complete sets of technology and equipment, gas pipeline technology and equipment and related auxiliary equipment, etc.).
Four, coalbed methane (gas) pipeline technology equipment: CBM extraction pipes, gas pipes, heating pipes, process piping, power line, cooling pipe; Pipeline gas new dedicated pipe and equipment, valves, pipe anti-corrosion technology; System of new technology and equipment maintenance and management technology, coal bed methane control testing technology and equipment, automation control, alarm system; Coalbed methane storage technology, gas purification and recovery technology centralized monitoring technology, gas supply pipeline trenchless technology and equipment, underground pipeline detection, detection, leak monitoring technology and equipment, integrated information management, software system; Coalbed methane (CBM) safety device and related equipment; Gas meter, heat meter, heat meter, gas measurement test and control technology and equipment, network set copy system other related products; Coal-bed gas pipeline engineering construction and management of underground pipeline equipment and technology, meteorological lightning protection technology and equipment.
Five, the coal bed methane (coal gas) stations, storage and transportation and CBM liquefied technology and equipment, storage and transport vehicles, storage tanks, cylinders, explosion-proof facilities, compressor, gas equipment, CBM gathering, storage and transportation technology and equipment, coal bed methane (gas) tank sealing technology with equipment of coalbed methane tank steel and related technologies, CBM liquefied technology and equipment: CBM liquefaction equipment, CBM liquefied technology and devices, air separation and liquefaction equipment, CBM ammonia technology of coalbed methane (gas) tank automatic welding technology and equipment of fluid machinery and equipment, etc.
1, exhibitor shall carefully fill in the participation contract form and build official seal, and mail or fax to the organizing committee;
2, after signing up, exhibitors must shall remit the related fees to the designated account within 5 days;
3, exhibits transportation, exhibition matters such as registration, accommodation to stay half a month before the meeting organizing committee sends the exhibition manual separately;
4, to attend the exhibitors on behalf of accommodation, arranged by the organiser, expenses;
5, the booth arrangement in order to register, the item first, first arrangements for the principle, the organizing committee reserves the right to adjust to a small booth, in order to maintain the whole image of the general assembly, such as to cause you inconvenience, please understanding
Contact way
Contacts: the conference secretariat
Address: Shanghai qixin pine road, 958 lane 958 cannes road


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