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Energy saving environmental protection industry development, the 2014 Shanghai international heating

    With the July 1st version of the boiler air pollutant emission standards (GB13271-2014) begin to carry out, will direct the coal-fired boiler, the transformation ofcountrywide each district is carried out like a raging fire out of comprehensive management of small boilers and boiler and pushed to a new climax. At the same time, in the State Council on accelerating the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry views mentioned in "the promotion of efficientboiler. The development of a number of high efficiency boiler manufacturing base,cultivating a number of large-scale backbone enterprises for the production ofhigh efficiency boiler. Focus on improving the main auxiliary boiler automatic control, matching optimization, fuel variety adaptability, low-temperature flue gas waste heat recovery of depth......" Suggestions in the boiler is not difficult to see that the innovation of products will not only directly drives the development of energy saving and environmental protection in our country, but also let the boilerheating industry in the upgrade again find unlimited business opportunities.

     "2014 Shanghai international heating and Thermal Power Technology Exhibition"HEATEC 2014, "Twelfth Shanghai international boiler, auxiliary equipment andtechnology equipment exhibition" BOILER SHANGHAI 2014, "2014 Shanghaiinternational biomass energy utilization and Technology Exhibition" BIOTEC 2014(referred to as the "2014 Shanghai international heating, boiler and Biomass Energy Exhibition"), as a bridge carrying this development opportunity today in the Shanghai Expo Exhibition Center held a grand again. The three days of the exhibition will be on October 31st (Friday) to end.


1 new energy saving products play a key role, biomass heating quietly rising

The exhibition will have 146 from Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan,South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, the UK, USA, China and Hongkong Special Administrative Region and other 13 countries / regions of the Chinese and foreignexhibitors, the exhibition area of 12000 square meters. Diversified exhibitscovering all kinds of boilers, biomass energy technology and related products,energy-saving emission reduction and industrial heating technology, burner and related accessories, boiler auxiliary boiler, and production equipment and so on.

  "All kinds of boiler" is the focus in the exhibition, more than thirty well-knownenterprises will display gas boiler, pulverized coal fired boiler, oil fired boiler,circulating fluidized bed boiler, vacuum, heat conduction oil boiler, electric boiler,tubular boiler, steam boiler, hot water boiler, waste heat boiler, coal water slurry boiler, hanging furnace boiler products in the field of environmental protection.The main exhibitors include: Japan three Pu Industrial Miura, Canada Gasmaster,South Korea SJT, Sweden Elpanneteknik, three Apani group of Taishan, Jiang Lian heavy industry, Shanxi blue sky, is nuclear power, boiler, Qingyi boiler, Tianluboiler, boiler factory, Dalian Bo Ruite, Jinniu, Best, Maeda heat, pressure vesselFulton Fulton, Xiangtan boiler, Hangzhou HALS, Han de Montreal energy-saving equipment, environmental protection boiler. The current biomass energy byplaying the market, the main push of biomass boiler exhibitors are: Rohst, South Korea Laoshite Jianglian heavy, Qingyi boiler, Dyson thermal Devotion, Zhugen boiler, Hua energy source, Jiaxian machinery, Mediterranean new energyequipment etc..

   In addition to biomass boilers, "biomass utilization" as the exhibition this year newbright spot will have more than twenty outstandingenterprises, including:Radisson bioenergy, Jin Tian Wu machinery, agricultural machinery, Bo Hywel Mar, Heze Maosheng wood, Bo Sea biomass fuel, Haiqi machinery, Zhuo Rui Hite machinery, general machinery, mechanical and electrical, Chen Feng winterappliances, Jr resources, ring state Bio Energy Exhibition combustion machine and other products all kinds of biomass fuel molding equipment, biomass fuels andbiomass; is the only domestic exhibition platform in biomass heating industry chainin one.

"Energy-saving emission reduction and industrial thermal technology" is the highly anticipated market hot spots, Yantai Chuangyuan, Huilong purifying filter, cloudeffect heat, three Secretary of state environmental protection, South Korea newindustry Kishin, far, ambitious, Rizhao Haichen, American Pais water purification equipment, Anhui to coal, Shaanxi coal chemical industry and clean energy,transen technology etc. enterprises will display the condensed water recovery device, steam generator, heat pipe equipment, waste heat recovery equipment,water treatment chemicals, desulfurization and denitration technology and products, economizer, refractory material, anticorrosion coating, reverse osmosis membrane, high efficiency coal, coal water slurry boiler gas mixing and transformation of environmental protection equipment and technology.

"Burner and ancillary products" as the heart of boiler gathered a large number of Chinese and foreign exhibitors. Olin Oilon, UNIX, American Industrial Combustiongas Unigas, American Johnson S T Johnson, R TLI, Hua Zhibang Wright force,SWT, Ling Yunrui rose, Kaiming Hermen, oubao Ebico, Anmei MEG Aecometric,Power Flame, Carle winter, using the Karl Dungs, Honeywell Honeywell, Quitalot/Suntec, the UK Guinuo France Autoflame, water, Jinghe heat        energy (SIEMENSburner controller), Shengmao control equipment and other enterprises will showcase the new burner, oil pump, flame monitoring equipment and other related products. It is reported that the exhibition site will display a variety of the world's leading low NOx burners.


"Boiler auxiliary machine" the number of participating enterprises and exhibitsspecies had a previous crown. REDWELL energy-saving, ring run intelligent technology, Fizeau Afriso, Kai Mao instrument Kimo, AI method Smith machineryFLSmidth, testo instruments, Shikh pump Testo SIHI Pumps, Kamimi Yasuhito, JuLiang electromagnetic valve, Italy Ji Ka Geca gas equipment, Sinopec lubricating oil, Nojas chemical, Yongning fire grate, Le's LIAN technology, Arden valve more than 30 enterprises will display the grate, pump, valve, boiler control system,various kinds of instrument (thermal gas fraction instrument, instrument), heat conducting oil, fan and other products.

Improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, increase product precision"production automation equipment and technology" problem of the boiler is paid more and more attention. Aotai machinery, Shanghai Zhengzhuo machinery,Shanghai gold, Huakai cutting end sloping machine will carry the prototype at the scene show beveling machine, pipe cutting machine, such as boiler serpentine pipe production line manufacturing equipment. In addition, CLP Huaqiang, JapanYoshino Machinery, di NC Yoshino machinery, iron electromechanical and the East China Sea photoelectric welding equipment manufacturers will also recommend the new product in the exhibition.

L wonderful site activities, feel the pulse of the market trend

This year China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association of industrial boiler branch election year, the association decided in the exposition period the convening of the sixth session of the first members of the general assembly. Asone of the most important activities in boiler industry, the domestic boiler giantdecision-making personnel will attend all the above activities.

In addition, the organizers and the Shanghai four big boiler industry associationwill jointly exhibition in the first two days (October 29-30) organized the"environmental protection industrial boiler products and technology exchange"renovation case. When the eleven industry well-known environmental protectionindustrial boiler products suppliers including BOSCH Bosch of Germany, CochranCochran, three Pu Industrial devices such as the Miura will attend to the boilerfrom food, wine, beverage, daily chemical and other industries in urgent need ofenergy saving and emission reduction for home face introduces its product performance, technical characteristics and typical case analysis of content; is expected to exceed two hundred home boiler companies will participate in theexchange meeting.

In order to promote the rapid development of biomass energy industry, exhibitionsupport unit - China Renewable Energy Industry Association will be in theexhibition of second days (October 30th) held in the morning, "2014 Shanghai international cooperation in the development of biomass energy industry forum and the project meeting". The five leading industries including: Addison Suzhoubio energy - the Xiankun general manager will visit about "development policy"domestic biomass energy, Anhui is wide Laoshitexin energy - Marketing Director Mr. Lin Pan share "domestic biomass boiler applications and case"; Henan beaconbiological energy source - Chairman Gao Haihua speaker "biomass energy utilization will go construction system of road"; Jiangsu Jin Wu Machinery - Deputy General Manager Tan Zhaohui tells "biomass pellet granulation technologyintroduction" advanced, industrial application and development trend of green carapace and Guangdong new energy Co. Ltd. - Chairman Chen Faren on"biological gas". When the industry experts and users will gather in-depth releaseindustry the latest technology, application, policy, market development status and future prospects.

The exhibition by the China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association of industrialboiler branch (CIBB) and the Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institutesponsored; Adsale Exhibition Service Co. Ltd. and Beijing Yanzhang exhibition service limited company to undertake. At the same time, the exhibition has also been the China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, Shanghai electric(Group) Corporation, China Renewable Energy Industry Association, ChinaAssociation of chemical energy saving technology, Shanghai Energy Conservation Association, Shanghai brewing professional association, Shanghai FoodAssociation, Shanghai daily chemical industry association, Shanghai Municipal Association of resources comprehensive utilization of cogeneration central heatingprofessional committee sponsorship and support.



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