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China (Nanjing) International Urban Gas Intelligent Application Technology Exhibition 2019

 Exhibition location: Nanjing International Exhibition Center Exhibition time: May 11-13, 2019

                         The world's leading professional technology exchange platform, specialization, marketization, internationalization, branding
◆ 》》"Organization
    Partner: Wuxi Wuzhou Excellence International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Organizer: Shanghai Haohui Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
◆ 》》》Exhibition reason
※ Scale advantage: Meet new dealers and buyers – hosted by industry authority associations, to provide effective protection for exhibitors' actual exhibition performance. This year's show is expected to have more than 30,000 visitors, adopting a strong global investment promotion model, will integrate the database of previous exhibitions, and invite industry users to visit and negotiate.
※ Seamless docking: one-on-one invites merchants - strong recommendation, professional market operation, sharing of high-quality merchants, major related, media, website, publicity and reporting in the country, and regular news release, tracking the progress of the exhibition Reported that more than 100 foreign language full-time staff will be involved, and professional buyers involved in the exhibition will be directly introduced to the exhibition site to discuss procurement.
※ Exploiting the market: Consolidating the existing market share – One-time exhibition enjoys online and offline comprehensive publicity. The promotion covers new media such as websites, magazines, newspapers, mobile newspapers, Weibo, WeChat, etc. . Keep up with the latest market developments, share interactions, and set up a one-to-one trade matching meeting. We invite the person in charge of online and offline gas intelligent industry users to purchase. It is expected that the audience will come from more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and arrange one-on-one. Meet and negotiate to improve your product sales.
◆ 》》》Exhibition Overview New Markets, New Opportunities, New Challenges
As a basic industry of society and people's livelihood, the town gas industry is one of the important energy industries for the country's development and prosperity. With the rapid implementation of policies such as “coal to gas” and “village to village”, the gas pipeline network is also undergoing rapid construction, increasingly dense pipeline networks and increasingly complex operating facilities; Concerns about the problem. All of them are forcing the gas operation management unit to intelligently transform large and complex equipment to facilitate the collection, storage, analysis and rapid emergency response of the information generated during the operation to meet the efficiency and safety of the city gas pipeline network. The need to run.
With the continuous development of science and technology and the rapid development of the Internet economy, intelligentization has become the mainstream trend of today's society and many industries. Advanced intelligent equipment has been spread all over the life of people. Gas is a key component of people's lives, gas Smart technology has matured day by day, and has achieved rapid market share growth in recent years, providing many conveniences for people's lives.
 As the largest and influential annual event in the field of gas intelligence, the exhibition will invite Japan, South Korea, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Finland and other European and American regions and China with the requirements of "internationalization, specialization and high level". The mainland/Taiwan Hong Kong region's industrial giants will jointly explore the development opportunities of China's "gas smart industry" and promote the development of the industry.
     2019 China (Nanjing) International City Gas Intelligent Application Technology Exhibition has been fully launched. We sincerely invite professionals from all walks of life in the domestic gas intelligent industry chain to participate and participate in the exhibition, and contribute to the advancement of the gas intelligent industry. We look forward to working with you. Meet at the scene!
 ◆ """" audience invitation
The exhibition will invite investment and construction, construction and engineering design units from daily life, manufacturing, power generation and heating, transportation, gas groups, gas companies, pipeline gas engineering companies, and inflatable stations around the world; security, fire, quality Head of inspection and other departments; natural gas / oilfield exploration, drilling and mining, pipeline transportation, petrochemicals, engineering and technical experts and construction procurement personnel; gas parts distribution, agency; petrochemical, electric power, heat, property, municipal, chemical, mining, urban construction , construction personnel in the fire, communications, environmental protection industry;
◆ 》》》Exhibition range
※Intelligent instrumentation, Internet + intelligent gas management system: intelligent gas meter, network data acquisition equipment, remote transmission, software platform, prepaid gas meter, IC card gas meter, prepaid management system, gas metering detection, control technology and equipment And other related products;
※Intelligent gas technology and equipment, Internet + intelligent gas management system:
新Gas transmission and distribution system new technology and maintenance management technology equipment, gas application technology;
◇ gas control detection technology and equipment, gas automatic control, alarm system;
集中 Oil and gas storage technology, gas purification and recycling technology, centralized monitoring technology for gas supply;
Internal and external monitoring of pipelines, gas valves, new special gas pipes, fittings and equipment;
◇Automatic pipeline control system, pipeline leakage detection and alarm, hydraulic power, detection and measurement technology equipment;
综合 City gas field integrated information management system, gas power generation technology equipment and technical equipment related to city gas;
Gas appliances such as gas pressure regulators, pressure regulating boxes, pressure regulating cabinets, and urban gate stations.
※Relevant equipment for natural gas vehicles and gas filling stations:
◇ city bus, taxi; electric hybrid car, gas engine dual fuel or dual-fuel engine;
◇ Natural gas automobile technical equipment, fuel conversion system, gas storage system: inflatable device, gas storage bottle, high pressure pipeline and high pressure joint, gas pressure display device, gas supply system, natural gas filter, low pressure gas hose and circulating water hose;
◇ Gas station equipment: gas receiving station, gas station equipment, low temperature storage tank, pressure regulator, flow meter, control system and other equipment;
特种 special transportation vehicles for dangerous goods such as oil, gas and chemicals;
※Technology and equipment related to oil and gas recovery:
◇ Ports, terminals, oil and gas reservoir management equipment, fuel dispensers, gas station treatment equipment, tanker management equipment;
◇ Oil and gas emergency rescue technology and equipment.
◆ 》》》 Booth fee (Note: Advertising projects and a small number of sponsorship opportunities, please call us)
  ★ Standard booth (minimum 9m2) configuration: siding, carpet, a consultation table, two folding chairs, exhibitor company plaque, a 220 volt single-phase socket.
  ★ Light ground (36 m2 rent) configuration: exhibition space, construction costs, bare ground management fees, power costs and other costs are all paid separately by the company.
   Booth type
      Standard booth
     Luxury exhibition
  Foreign companies
Standard booth (3m*3m)
Light ground (36 m2 for rent)
RMB 1300/m2 extension
USD 300/m2/extension
Note: The layout specifications (210mm ╳ 142.5mm), imported coated paper, four-color fine print, and layout content are designed by exhibitors.
Seal two
Seal three
back cover
Title page
Color inner page
Text introduction
25,000 yuan
20000 yuan
15,000 yuan
25,000 yuan
10,000 Yuan
8,000 yuan
3000 yuan
◆ 》》》Exhibitions:
1. The exhibitors shall fill in the "Exhibition Contract Form" in detail and affix the official seal, mail or fax to the Organizing Committee;
2. After registration, the exhibitor must remit the relevant expenses to the designated account of the organizing committee within 5 working days;
3. The booth arrangement shall be based on the principle of “first registration, first payment, first arrangement”, and the organizing committee has the right to adjust a small number of booths;
4. Exhibitor transportation, exhibition reception, accommodation and other matters will be sent to the organisers' committee separately in the month before the launch.
◆ 》》 Organizing Committee Contact:
2019 China (Nanjing) International City Gas Intelligent Application Technology Exhibition Organizing Committee
Tel: +86-21-56177795
Fax: +86-21-51069101
Mail box:
Contact: Wang Changyun
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