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Gasitc2022 China (Shanghai) international urban gas intelligent application technology exhibition

  Gasitc2022 China (Shanghai) international urban gas intelligent application technology exhibition

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Exhibition time: August 24-26, 2022

Lin Qi: 021-5976 6301

1 organization

Organizer: China Urban Gas Association, China Chemical Enterprise Management Association, China Chemical Machinery Power Technology Association, Guangdong petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, Guangdong chemical society and Zhenwei Exhibition Co., Ltd


3 why the exhibition

3.1 face the purchasing decision-maker! Bring together global urban gas intelligent application technology distribution / terminal buyers, finished product technology R & D personnel, international buyers and brand potential customers!

3.2 a good platform to release new products and promote new technologies, and an opportunity to carry out brand building publicity and improve industry awareness!

3.3 the gathering of international famous brands and well-known brands, combined with Shanghai's geographical advantages, is the best choice to develop the urban gas intelligent application technology market!

3.4 professional buyer organization plan and targeted marketing, multi-media publicity support and VIP reception service to ensure the quality and quantity of buyers!

4 review of the previous session:

4.1 2022 China (Shanghai) international urban gas intelligent application technology exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from August 24 to August 26, 2022.

4.2 the last exhibition attracted more than 600 exhibitors from 65 countries and regions around the world, including gezhonghua gas, China gas, China Resources gas, Shanghai gas, Tianjin energy, ENN group, Hangzhou gas, Beitai industry, abb, Siemens, PetroChina and Sinopec, with an exhibition area of 50000 square meters and more than 47325 professional visitors. The survey of exhibitors' information after the exhibition shows that 85% of exhibitors are satisfied with the exhibition effect of this exhibition, 85% of exhibitors are interested in participating in the next exhibition again, and 80% of exhibitors believe that this exhibition has greater advantages compared with other exhibitions. The survey of audience information shows that 89% of the visitors are willing to recommend the exhibition to business partners or colleagues, 90% of the visitors say they will visit the 2022 exhibition, 85% of the visitors think that the exhibition has more advantages than other exhibitions, and 85% of the visitors think that the exhibition has a complete range of exhibition products.

 exhibition overview new markets, opportunities and challenges

As the basic industry of society and people's livelihood, urban gas industry is one of the important energy industries for national development and prosperity. With the rapid implementation of policies such as "coal to gas" and "village to village connection", the gas pipe network is also under rapid construction, with more and more dense pipe network and more complex operation equipment and facilities; At the same time, people pay more attention to gas safety. It is forcing the gas operation and management unit to intelligently transform the huge and complex equipment, so as to facilitate the collection, storage, analysis and rapid emergency treatment of the information generated in the operation process, so as to meet the needs of efficient and safe operation of urban gas pipeline network.

With the continuous development of science and technology and the rapid development of Internet economy, intellectualization seems to have become the mainstream trend in today's society and many industries, and advanced intelligent equipment has spread all over all fields of people's life. As a key part of people's life, gas intelligent technology is becoming more and more mature, and has achieved rapid increase in market share in recent years, It provides many conveniences for people's life

As the most influential and influential annual meeting of gas intelligent field, the exhibition will invite "Japan's international, professional and high-level" meeting to invite Japanese, Korean, US, France, UK, Germany, Finland and other European and American regions and Chinese Mainland / Taiwan Hongkong region to discuss the development opportunities of China's "gas intelligent industry". Promote the development of the industry.

The preparatory work for 2022 China (Shanghai) international urban gas intelligent application technology exhibition has been fully launched. We sincerely invite professionals from all aspects of the gas intelligent industry chain at home and abroad to participate in the exhibition and participate in the exhibition, so as to contribute to the progress of the gas intelligent industry. We look forward to meeting you on site!

 audience invitation

The exhibition will invite investment and construction, construction and engineering design units from daily life, manufacturing, power generation and heating, transportation, gas groups, gas companies, pipeline gas engineering companies and inflation stations all over the world; Heads of security inspection, fire control, quality inspection and other departments; Natural gas / oil field exploration, drilling and production, pipeline transportation, petroleum technology and chemicals, engineering and technical experts and construction purchasers; Distribution and agency of gas accessories; Engineering construction purchasers in petrochemical, electric power, heat, property, municipal, chemical, mining, urban construction, fire protection, communication and environmental protection industries;

 exhibition scope

Intelligent instruments and meters, Internet plus intelligent gas management system: intelligent gas meter, network data acquisition equipment, remote transmission, software platform, prepaid gas meter, IC card gas meter, prepayment management system, gas metering and testing, control technology and equipment, and other related products.

Intelligent gas technology and equipment, Internet plus intelligent gas management system:

 new technology of gas transmission and distribution system, maintenance and management technology, equipment and gas application technology;

 gas control and detection technology and equipment, gas automatic control and alarm system;

 oil and natural gas storage technology, gas purification and recovery technology and gas supply centralized monitoring technology;

 internal and external monitoring of pipelines, gas valves, new special pipes, fittings and equipment for gas;

 pipeline automatic control system, pipeline leakage detection and alarm, hydraulic power, detection and measurement technical equipment;

 comprehensive information management system in urban gas field, gas power generation technical equipment and urban gas related technical equipment;

 gas pressure regulator, pressure regulating box, pressure regulating cabinet, city gate station and other gas equipment.

一 equipment related to the construction of natural gas vehicles and gas filling stations:

 city buses and taxis; Electric hybrid vehicle, gas engine, dual fuel or dual fuel engine, etc;

 natural gas vehicle technical equipment, fuel conversion system, gas storage system: inflation device, gas cylinder, high-pressure pipeline and high-pressure connector, air pressure display device, gas supply system, natural gas filter, low pressure hose and circulating water hose, etc;

 gas station equipment: gas receiving station, gas supply station equipment, low temperature storage tank, pressure regulator, flow instrument, control system and other equipment;

 special transport vehicles for dangerous goods such as petroleum, gas and chemicals;

二 technologies and equipment related to oil and gas recovery:

 port, wharf, oil and gas depot management equipment, fuel dispenser, gas station management equipment, oil tank truck management equipment;

 oil and gas emergency rescue technology and equipment, etc.

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