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The 25th China Natural Gas Vehicle and Ship Filling Station Equipment Exhibition in 2024

 Time: May 23-25, 2024 Location: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall)

(No. 88 Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu Airport Development Zone, Shunyi District, Beijing)
Supported by
China Transportation Association (CTA)
Tsinghua University of DAE, Department of Automotive Engineering, Tsinghua University
International Association of NGVS
Hosted by
Asia Pacific Natural GVA
CEVS Branch of CCTA, Clean Energy Vehicle and Ship Branch of China Transportation Association
Low Carbon Fuel Vehicle Branch of CAAM, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers
Co organizer
Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck JS Company
Changchun FAW Automobile JS Company
Houpu Clean Energy Co., Ltd
Chongqing Naide EEI Co., Ltd
Beijing Tianhai Industry Co., Ltd
Tianjin Baiyan Technology Co., Ltd
Beijing Qifa Exhibition Service Co., Ltd
Specify Media Partner
International Energy Network In en. com Fangde Network
First Commercial Vehicle Network LNG Internet of Things
Contact person of the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee: Sun Tao 13611018663 (same WeChat account)
1、 Preface
Now the world has entered a new era of energy transformation, and the development and use of clean energy is an irreversible trend. Natural gas is recognized as a clean energy source worldwide. The "Outline for Building a Strong Transportation Country" issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council clearly requires: to optimize the transportation energy structure, promote the application of clean energy and new energy; Promote clean energy, new energy transportation equipment, and complete technical equipment. With the deepening of China's energy revolution and the advancement of natural gas vehicle and ship technology, natural gas vehicles and ships will usher in a new development pattern during the 14th Five Year Plan period. It is expected that by 2025, the number of natural gas vehicles will exceed 10 million and there will be over 13000 refueling stations; LNG ships will reach 8000 to 10000. At the same time, natural gas and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and ships are bound to develop rapidly.
The 25th China International Gas Vehicle and Ship Filling Station Equipment Exhibition and Forum will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (New Hall) from May 23 to 25, 2024. At the same time, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle exhibition will be held. The two major theme exhibitions and forums have overlapping influence, complement each other, and share resources, making them a * * * * platform for display, visit, exchange, and learning. It is expected that more than 400 companies from over 10 countries and regions will participate in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of over 50000 square meters and an audience of over 26000 people. Sincerely welcome you to visit and guide us!
2、 Concurrent Forum: The 7th China Clean Energy (Methanol) Vehicle and Ship Development Forum in 2024
The forum will invite: Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Resources and Environment, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Energy Bureau, Water Transport Bureau, Water Transport Institute, PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, Kunlun Energy, Beijing Gas, Shenzhen Gas, Huagang Gas, Xinjiang Guanghui, National Gas Vehicle Center, logistics companies, express delivery companies, station construction companies, bus companies, rental companies, clean energy (methanol) vehicle and vessel manufacturing equipment enterprises International and domestic industry associations, major users and purchasers of clean energy vehicles and ships, as well as expert leaders from some participating enterprises, participated in the forum.
3、 Five New Opportunities and Highlights of NGVS China 2024:
1. In January 2023, natural gas heavy-duty trucks achieved a good start, and from February to April, their monthly sales increased by over 100%. After April, the cumulative sales growth has reached 148%. In May, domestic natural gas heavy-duty trucks sold 11300 vehicles, an increase of 12% compared to April and a year-on-year increase of 206%. They achieved month on month growth for four consecutive months and maintained monthly sales of over 10000 vehicles for two months. The growth from December 2022 onwards has successfully expanded to six consecutive increases.
2. In the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, natural gas vehicles and ships will usher in a new development pattern during the 14th Five Year Plan period. It is expected that by 2025, the number of natural gas vehicles will exceed 10 million and there will be over 13000 refueling stations; LNG ships will reach 8000 to 10000.
3. According to the Guangdong Provincial Transportation Administration, the annual transportation volume of cement transport ships in the Xijiang River area is 100 million tons. During the 14th Five Year Plan period, Guangdong Province will renovate and build 1500 power ships (with a subsidy of 2.6 to 5.2 million yuan per ship).
4. The organizer has had multiple discussions and exchanges with China Express Association, China Transportation Association Express Branch, Logistics Branch, express delivery companies, and logistics companies. Recommend to them the use of mature natural gas heavy-duty trucks that are economical, clean, and environmentally friendly, in order to protect the environment, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. Logistics companies have started to develop plans to purchase LNG heavy trucks one after another.
5. NGVS China has been deeply rooted in the natural gas vehicle and vessel industry for over 20 years, and is the world's first platform for the display, procurement, and exchange of natural gas vehicle and vessel refueling station equipment. NGVS China 2024 will receive strong support from express delivery associations, logistics branches, express transportation branches, China Shipbuilding Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, and other units, and professional purchasers will achieve significant growth.
4、 Meeting schedule:
Registration and exhibition arrangement: May 21-22, 2024 (8:30-17:00)
Official Exhibition: May 23-25, 2024 (9:00-17:00)
5、 Exhibition scope:
△ Natural gas vehicles: liquefied natural gas vehicles, compressed natural gas vehicles, single and dual fuel natural gas vehicles, natural gas trucks, natural gas tractors, urban logistics vehicles, natural gas passenger vehicles, small sedans, commercial vehicles, and natural gas sanitation vehicles;
Special natural gas vehicles: natural gas storage cylinder group semi trailers, natural gas mobile refueling vehicles, natural gas vehicle testing specialized vehicles, and natural gas transportation vehicles;
LNG engineering vehicles: natural gas concrete mixer trucks, excavators, waste trucks, forklifts, cranes, dump trucks, mixing stations, elevators;
△ LNG ships: LNG transport ships, LNG power ships, LNG ship modification supporting products and related equipment;
△ Coal to gas equipment: natural gas storage equipment, LNG storage tanks, gas pressure regulating cabinets, pressure regulating boxes, and gas control detection technology;
△ Natural gas vehicle/ship components and specialized equipment: natural gas (hydrogen energy) storage system: inflation device, gas storage cylinder (cylinder production line, vacuum replacement complete equipment and related equipment), high-pressure pipeline and high-pressure joint, pressure display device, manual shut-off valve, etc; Electronic and gas supply systems for natural gas vehicles; Natural gas filters, pressure reducers, mixers, low-pressure hoses, and circulating water hoses;
△ Natural gas engines: CNG/LNG vehicle gas engines, dual fuel engines, marine engines, engineering machinery engines, aircraft engines, natural gas engine sets, and other power equipment;
△ Fuel conversion system: automotive converters, single natural gas converters, fuel conversion switches, natural gas shut-off valves, etc;
Hydrogen energy and refueling station equipment: hydrogen production equipment, refueling equipment, refueling station equipment, hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen fuel vehicles, and onboard hydrogen supply systems;
△ Gas station equipment: CNG/LNG/LPG gas station equipment, gas dispensers, compressors, dryers, recovery tanks, gas storage devices and their accessories;
△ LNG factory equipment: receiving station equipment, LNG low-temperature storage tanks, LNG peak shaving station equipment, LNG gasification station equipment, LNG/CNG refueling stations (skids), LNG pump skids, LNG refueling machines, IC card systems, submersible pumps, vacuum pipes, vacuum valves, etc;
Related equipment: flow meters, leak detectors, detectors, and other instruments and meters; Equipment for monitoring and safety protection, etc;
△ Purification equipment: natural gas, coalbed methane, hydrogen, industrial gas, compressed air drying, molecular sieve dehydration devices, etc;
△ Control components: Skid mounted box, base, intake and exhaust air boxes, motor starters, high-pressure gas valves, LPG, etc.
Display of achievements in various clean energy vehicles, energy-saving technologies and equipment, and clean fuel vehicles.
6、 Service fee standards
1. Exhibition fees
Indoor and outdoor exhibition area: (within 36-150 square meters)
Domestic 1600 yuan/m2 exhibition period Joint venture 2200 yuan/m2 exhibition period Foreign 400 dollars/m2 exhibition period
Indoor and outdoor exhibition area: (over 150 square meters)
Domestic 1500 yuan/m2 exhibition period Joint venture 2100 yuan/m2 exhibition period Foreign 360 dollars/m2 exhibition period
Luxury special booth: (3 × 4m) [Note: This booth will be presented with 140 * 210mm color pages of the conference journal as a gift]
12 square meters double opening domestic 26800 yuan/booth joint venture 33800 yuan/booth foreign 6000 USD/booth
12 square meters of single opening domestic 24800 yuan/booth joint venture 31800 yuan/booth foreign 5600 dollars/booth
Ordinary standard booth: (3 × 4m)
12 square meters double opening domestic 19800 yuan/booth joint venture 25800 yuan/booth foreign 4600 dollars/booth
12 square meters of single opening domestic RMB 18800/booth joint venture RMB 23800/booth foreign USD 4300/booth
Standard booth fees: including exhibition venue, 2.5m high wall panel, lintel production, 12 square meter carpet, one negotiation table, two chairs, one 220V power socket, and two fluorescent lamps; (Luxury special standard comes with an additional set of glass round tables and four chairs)
The bare space fee includes: exhibition venue, security, and cleaning services. (Excluding management fee of RMB 41-55 per square meter)
2. Forum fee: The forum will have more than 30 authoritative and well-known experts from both domestic and foreign industries giving speeches. Exhibitors can voluntarily apply for forum speeches and technical exchanges, with a fee of 30000 yuan for domestic enterprises and 6000 dollars for overseas enterprises. The time is 20 minutes (the speaker will be named as the co organizer of the forum, the on-site billboard, and the company logo will be displayed in multiple places in the conference room).
3. Sponsorship fees:
1. Sponsorship from exhibition co organizers: Diamond sponsorship of 200000 yuan, gold sponsorship of 150000 yuan, and silver sponsorship of 100000 yuan.
2. Certificate sponsorship during the exhibition: (straps, badges, tickets, invitations) Exclusive sponsorship of 100000 yuan, with a sub sponsorship of 50000 yuan.
Note: All sponsorship matters of the sponsoring units, exhibition activities, and external publicity shall include the company name and logo of the sponsoring units. Specific matters are subject to investigation.
4. Catalogue and other advertising expenses:
In addition to being widely distributed to regulatory authorities, relevant associations, and exhibition visitors during the conference, the conference journal will also be sent to relevant units at home and abroad through effective channels. You can publish a company profile within 200 words for exhibitors for free (with a net size of 210X140mm).
Back cover
Seal one or two
Cover Three
Cross color pages
Inner color page
30000 yuan
23000 yuan
10000 yuan
8000 yuan
8000 yuan
6000 yuan
25000 yuan and 10000 information bags
Visiting Guide 10000 yuan/advertising space
Billboard 1000 yuan/square meter
7、 Exhibition procedures:
Fill out the booth application form, add a seal, and then email or fax it to the organizing committee of the conference. Within one week of applying for a booth, telegraphic transfer or payment of 50% (deposit) or full payment of the exhibition fee to the organizing committee will be made. Exhibition transportation, representative accommodation, and other matters will be subject to the exhibitor's manual.
8、 Plan to conduct extensive publicity and promotion on more than 100 media outlets both domestically and internationally
International Energy Network, Fangde Network, First Commercial Vehicle Network, Commercial Vehicle Network, Gaishi Automotive Information, Global Truck Network, LNG Internet of Things, Huaxia Energy Network, Jutian Network, China Automotive Supplier Network, Clean Energy Network, Boran Network, Natural Gas Industry, Liquefied Natural Gas Network, China Air Separation Network, QC Testing Instrument Network, China Compressor Network, Instrument Trading Network, Natural Gas Processing and Processing, Petroleum Online, Special Gas Network, Instrument Network Global Valve Network, China Natural Gas Network, Gas Equipment Network, Pressure Vessel Industry Network, Zhuochuang Information, Shipbuilding Equipment Network, Chemical Equipment Network and other related media release information and advertising content.
9、 Secretariat of the Organizing Committee:
Address: Room 1301, Block C, Ocean International Center, No. 60 East Fourth Ring Middle Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (100025)
Tel:+86-10-85868894 Email:
Contact person: Sun Tao 13611018663
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