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Industrial gas alarm

 Shenzhen wei hua industrial company specializing in gas alarm, (0755-25887166 huang qiao). SFT industrial gas alarm, composed of detector and alarm and combustible gas safety testing instruments used in industry, widely used in kinds of chemical plants. Liquefied petroleum gas station. Easily combustible gas leakage occurs, such as oil depots for constant monitoring of these places. The product compared with other products have the following advantages:

Catalysis, semiconductor and electrochemical sensors

Alarm, switch time and the concentration of the show; Differences between high period, low sound and light alarm, and is adjustable,

Output alarm period, low, high concentration transportation of microcomputer interface output; Responsive, using Japanese figaro probe.

Detection of gas: general combustible gases (liquefied petroleum gas, coal gas, natural gas, alkanes, alkenes, alcohols, acetylene class)

Detection range: 0-100% LEL; Form of explosion-proof standards: intrinsically safe ib II BT3

Display way: sound, light alarm. Ten Duan Guangzhu LED

Transmission maximum distance: 350 m / 0.75 was - was 1900/4.0

Using the environment temperature detector: - 20. C - 45. C humidity detector: 20-90% RH

Alarm: 0. C - 40. C alarm: 20-85% RH

Power supply voltage: AC220V 10%, 50/60 hz

Structure: disc mounted: P wall: W

Structure size: (0.5) X 169 (51 + 1) N - 2 mm 400 x381x122mm

Weight: 2.5 KG / 12 KG / 6 road

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