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 Shenzhen ya wei hua industrial co., LTD. Company specializing in the development and operating gas equipment, (0755-25887166 huang qiao). Now launch a baking, barbecue equipment, gas infrared burner, it is a porous ceramic plate as a combustion furnace head, use advanced science and technology design. Using gas infrared burner heating, drying, heat preservation can greatly save energy consumption by more than 50%, and reduce pollution. Because infrared burner combustion with air fully premixed, ensure complete combustion, reducing emissions of pollutants, the infrared radiation from the burner to burn with a strong penetrating power, and can stimulate the resonance occurs, water molecules can be heat evenly permeate heats up the deep core of content, ensure uniform heating effect, improving the heating quality and drying efficiency.

Gas infrared burner with high efficiency and energy saving, low pollution, economic and practical, and the advantages of simple installation: compared with the electric drying, lower costs by more than half. So use gas infrared burner has become a new kind of industrial heating, drying, heat preservation technology, the new trend, it has been widely used in painting, printing and dyeing industry, food and other industries and in various fields.


Metal parts forging, annealing, heat treatment, high temperature heat treatment, 300-300 ℃.

Metal surface treatment, moisture dry, paint and various types of suitable for the production of direct heating equipment 30-300 ℃.

Carpet, latex, PVS gloves, pottery and porcelain, pan, survived, dry glaze of 30-300 ℃ heat preservation.

The factory board heat preservation heat preservation, the homework.

Restaurants, seafood, hand reasonable, meters fruit, egg roll, cakes, biscuits, squid silk, fish sauce, processed foods, such as drying

(inside and outside food baking uniform heat, appearance is bright and clean, good taste)

Tobacco, tea, grain, aquatic products, vegetables, in such products such as dehydration, baking.

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