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Supply and demand

Taiwan - China gas talent net micro pressure table

 Our company specializing in import of micro pressure table (overvoltage protection type water table), high quality flat price, good appearance (0755-25887166 small sail 12). Features: with over-voltage protection, pressure shows high precision, strong sensitivity, open and bright, beautiful, good quality price equal advantages! (price is 20% lower than similar products), welcome to choose!

Bellows: phosphor bronze bellows, the welding on the brass joint

Joint: brass nickel plated; Movement: brass stainless steel; Atlas: chrome plated stainless steel

Specification: surface (60 mm) diameter (70 mm) size (140 mm) interface (100 mm) : 3/8 threads

Temperature conditions, environment and the working medium temperature shall not exceed 40-70 - c

Measuring range: 1000 MMWC MMWC MMWC, 2000 MMWC, 2000, 1500

Purpose: the bellows kay micro pressure table is the use of advanced technology and excellent craft, widely used in pipe terminal, according to gas pressure such as closet, boiler, burner, oven, oven, kitchen utensils and appliances and other industrial equipment gas measuring display instrument, in terms of price, this table is very competitive, welcome to inquire!

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