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Gas adjustable dividers and wei hua run in 1995 - state licensing is trustworthy

 To satisfy the needs of the development of natural gas industry in China, (0755, 25887166 zhang jun 610) production license XK21-006-00137 I plant with advanced scientific processing and welding technology, strict quality management system, strict weld flaw detection, and USES the domestic and foreign famous brand voltage regulator and the flowmeter, careful processing and manufacturing of the series of gas pressure regulating metering device, favored by the majority of professional users. The automatic monitoring products, ultra low voltage cut, overpressure tossing, two-way regulating switch, remote monitoring, and other functions. And a pressure regulating range, high precision voltage regulator, accurate measurement, body beautiful and easy, etc. The series of adjustable dividers are widely used in gas pipeline, residential area, gas boiler, industrial kiln furnace, hotel kitchen and various combustion terminal etc. The series of high-end gas equipment, well-made, high quality flat price, welcome to choose!

Main products: natural gas metering station/pry voltage regulator, regional surge tank, direct-fired surge tank, building the closet, etc

Wei hua - high-end gas equipment manufacturers

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Units: shenzhen and China gas equipment company

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