D Type Natural Gas Compressor for Primary Station
Medium purified natural gas
Gas injection pressure 0.05Mpa--3.0Mpa
Exhausting pressure 25Mpa
integration mode The whole machine integrates without base
Compressor model Horizontal D type two-row,two cylinder or 1 type two-row,two cylinders
cooling mode Gas cylinder,filling:closed cycle of oil cooling,
compressed natural gas by wind cooling, or water cooling
Lubricating mode Gas cylinder,filling:with little lubricating oil
Gas supply 450Nm3/h -- 4200Nm3/h
motor power 55Kw--450Kw(740rpm)
NOise level ≤75dB
Outline size 5700×2150×2500mm以下

Components of compressor set
Compressor main engine,motor(380V),cooler,separator,inlet valve
and auto-control valve,PLC controlpanel, instrument panel,tool kit,
accessories, technical documents,surplus gas recycling device,and
other aircompressors installed on pump control machine,and etc.
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