L Type Natural Gas Compressor for Standard Station
    L type natural gas compressor is specially designed for natural gas station station for gas fired automobile,with compact structure,good figure and low power consumption,it is the ideal compressor for natural gas supply station.

    This L type compressor,is of two-line,two-stage,with little lubricating oil,it consists of main body,crankshaft,connecting rod,piston,cylinder and cooler.The first and fourth stage as one line,The second and third stage as another line,Coupling and crankshaft connected by anti-explosion motor.Piston and crankshaft connected by piston rod,crosshead and connecting rod,while the crankshaft driven by motor to rotate,the piston operates with linear reciproc-ating motion in cylinder to compress the gas.

    During compressor in service,XXXX Mpa(shown in meter) natural gas will entry into cylinder via gas injection valve,after compressed,flow into I stage cooler via exhausting valve,step by step,after II,III,IV compression stage,separated and cooled for four times,gas pressure rises up to 25MPa(shown in meter),after passing by IV stage separator,the gas flows into gas tank..

    This machine is of integrating without base,with main body,motor,stage coolers,two stage separators fixed on the base.

    A complete compressor set integrates with main body and coolers by gas pipe,water pipe and meter pipe.
    This machine provides safety protective device and monitor & control meter.

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