CNG 40 Series Luxury Dispensers with IC Cards

Product characteristics
1.Dispenser with IC Card.
2.The imported 360° breakaway coupling valve for safety.
3.  The unique draining filter for oil collected,with functions of ice blocking proof and removal of the greasy oil, to prolong the product life.
4.  Good appearance design protected by patent.
5.  The modularized triplet solenoid valve can be maintained and repaired on-line.
6.  Re-display the records in many times and inquiry information.
7.  Automatically print the bill after refueling.
8.  the 3-pipeline intakes CNG intelligently to avoid the compressor from starting frequently at refueling station.
9.  The refueling pressure for the automobile can be preset.
10.  The product can be made according to customers' requirements.
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