CNG 40 Series Luxury Dispensers with IC Cards


Technical specification
Type: JQD3S-40D JQD3S-40E JQD3S-40L
Measuring accuracy: ±0.5%
Unit of measurement:
  sum: Yuan
  Unit Price: Yuan/
Range of flow rate: 1~40Nm3/min
working pressure: 20Mpa
Nominal working pressure: 25Mpa
Once metering range:
Cumulative counting range: or 0-999999.99Yuan
Gas volume presetting range:
Unit price presetting rage: 0.01-99.99Yuan/
Cumulative counting range: 0-999999Yuan/
Ambient temperature: -30°C-50°C
Power supply AC 220V ± 20%,50±1Hz
Nominal power: 250W
Class of
explosion-proof :
Installation instruction
1.Power supply:AC 220V±20%;50±1Hz
2.communication:4x0.75 shielded wire
3.The base dimension:see the right view
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